From A Jew To The Stew - Can You Trust a Skinny Chef?

Author: Paul Friedman
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"From A Jew to the Stew" is about receiving your miracle in the process of learning how to cook. As we eat naturally, we are also fed spiritually. Learn how to become a good cook as well as understand how to be a better you as you learn to adapt to your psychological and theological DNA. Take a journey with me and be completely nourished both physically and spiritually." -- Chef Paul Friedman



Paul Friedman exudes an abundance of joy and a fullness of life! He is energetic, creative, deeply spiritual, and perfectly eccentric—in the way that characterizes geniuses! Who else could create a renowned South African restaurant—from the menu all the way to the interior design—in Houston, Texas!? His book will be a joy to the heart, soul, mind, and palate of all who read it. -- Dr. Ken Werlein, Faithbridge Church